Auto World Can Am McLaren M6B

- McLaren M6B Can Am Chassis #50-17
- Ordered new by Oscar Koveleski and campaigned in Can Am in 1969
- The original tub was damaged in in 1969, it was rebuilt for competition using an improved tub
- Sold to Cliff Apel, who raced the car in Can Am in 1970 and 1971
- Koveleski bought the car back and raced it through the late 1970s
- David Franklin purchased the car from Koveleski in the early 1980s
and won a Super Sports championship in Europe
- Franklin sold the car in to Manfred Dolata who raced the car in Europe in the 1990s
- Dolata sold the car the Uli Berberi-Martini then the current owner acquired it in 2009
- Recently competed at the Monterey Historics and Road America
- Shown at Amelia Island and Carmel Concours d'Elegance
- Rebuilt by Koveleski with an upgraded tub in 1969
- Restored by Franklin in 1982
- Currently finished in Koveleski's no. 54 livery
- Fuel injected 383 small block with 720 HP
- Believed-original Hewland LG600 gearbox

"...During this same month pioneer aviator Charles Hamilton flew his Curtis Byplane from New York to Philadelphia and returned.", said the Philadelphia Public Ledger.

This was the first time in aviation history that a heavier than air machine had flown between two large centers of population in both directions in one day. Then with great consideration of this accomplishment, the Ledger allow itself to be a prophet of things to come ... Indeed aviation might have a future!

Similarly, few who had witnessed De'Palma's all conquering climb at Wilkes Barre, PA ( Giant's Despair ) could have foreseen the day when ordinary highway traffic on that same hill now hardtoppred and banked would better the 'Mephistopheles's record easily ... that little MGs would one day climb a hill in one 1 min 18 seconds, and Ford Powered Cobras in 51.9 seconds, and that in 1969 Oscar Koveleski's audacious assault would lower the mark to a fantastic 47.6 seconds with his Chevy engined Auto World XLR ... Peter Helk "Great Auto Races" 1975

.. from our Auto World McLaren DVD

MID OHIO 1969 Buckeye Can-Am

The 1969 Canadian-American Challenge Cup season was the fourth season of the Can-Am auto racing series. It consisted of FIA Group 7 racing cars running two-hour sprint events. It began June 1, 1969, and ended November 9, 1969, after eleven rounds. This was the first season of Can-Am following the demise of the similar United States Road Racing Championship. With several USRRC events choosing to continue on under Can-Am, the series schedule was greatly expanded beyond its normal six event season. This also meant that the season was run over a greater period of time, rather than just being run in the autumn. The season was swept by McLaren, whose founder Bruce McLaren won the championship over teammate and fellow New Zealander Denny Hulme. McLaren won six races to Hulme's five, winning the championship by a mere five points.

Deceptively simple in design, the M6A was designed by Robin Herd was the first car designed specifically for the Can Am and proved virtually unbeatable, carrying the Kiwi team to victory in five out of the six 1968 road races.
Under license from McLaren, British manufacturer Trojan produced the customer version, the M6B, exactly reproducing the M6A’s specification.

This 1968 McLaren M6B, Chassis number 50-17, was delivered new to Auto World founder and racer Oscar Koveleski, who raced it under Auto World sponsorship in the 1969 Can Am season as well as the Giant’s Despair Hill Climb in Laurel, Pennsylvania, breaking the record.
After the car’s original tub was damaged in a garage explosion, it was rebuilt for competition in 1969 using a factory-improved tub. Koveleski sold #50-17 to Cliff Apel, who raced it in the Can Am in 1970 and 1971.

Koveleski later regained ownership and raced the car in the USRRC and hill climbs through the late 1970s.
Briton David Franklin purchased the car from Koveleski in the early 1980s and with it won the 1987 Super Sports Trophy in Europe.
German Manfred Dolata owned and raced the car in the 1990s, then sold it to Uli Berberi-Martini.

Since its present owner purchased #50-17 in 2009, the car has been prepared by Heritage Motorsports for the vintage racing circuit.
It has recently competed at the Monterey Historic, Road America and Indianapolis vintage races with Daytona 24 Hours winner Jim Pace at the wheel, and has appeared at the Amelia Island, Florida and Carmel, California Concours d'Elegance.
Jim Pace also achieved podium finishes at Road America, Road Atlanta and Sebring as well as winning the SVRA Group 7 race at the Indy Brickyard and the HSR event held as part of the St. Petersburg Grand Prix.

Today, the McLaren M6B 50-17 is wearing the original-style number 54 Auto World livery and powered by a fuel injected 383/720 HP Chevrolet small block V-8 and its believed-original Hewland LG600 gearbox.

This is a Can Am icon. The best and most sorted McLaren MK 6 on the planet.  Car won more events (SCCA Nationals) and hillclimbs than any other McLaren Mk6 anywhere.
The car is the fastest and absolutely-positively the best handling CanAm car in the world. 
It is so smooth to control - you can drive it down the straights with your fingertips!
The best drive during any vintage race as every owner and driver will exclaim.

- Bob Koveleski, son of Oscar, and experienced McLaren Historian.