The PsychoCycle! ... a mind-altering wire puzzle.

"For over 25 years, I have seen many 'puzzled' people get completly stumped by the "PsychoCycle"...and nearly all of them had to be shown the solution!"... says grandson of "PsychoCycle" craftsman A.J. "Tony" Koveleski.

Hand made of high quaility bronze spring wire, and packaged in a clear box with the solution directions inside. They are purchasable on eBay ONLY and USPS Priority Mail Insured Confirmed shipped. Credit Cards accepted through PayPal and verified.

Note: Availablity Limited

I'm sorry, but because these were hand made many years ago and there are no quantity discounts. Also, because of the rarity of the PsychoCycle, I am only selling them on eBay infrequently. You may email me here.

© 1976. All rights reserved

handbuilt in 1976 by A.J. "Tony" Koveleski